Why Pitbulls make great pets | Pitbull puppies for sale

Pitbull puppies for sale

Pit bulls get a bad rap. Those who don’t know much about the breed assume that pit bulls are aggressive, mean dogs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With any breed of dog, their attitude comes from their environment. If you treat a pit bull well, you will have one of the most loyal dogs that you can find. Studies have shown that pit bulls have a lower temperament than other breeds of popular dogs, including beagles and chihuahuas.

Other than attitude, there are a number of other advantages to adopting a pit bull that makes it a great choice for your home.

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1. Pit bulls are great family pets. Because pit bulls love humans so much, they make a great choice for families. Not long ago some places used pit bulls as nannies (of sorts) because they were so good with kids. If you have children a pit bull will help teach your child how to be affectionate and will give your kid a great new friend!

2. Pit bulls are healthy. Of all the breeds of dogs, pit bulls are generally healthy pets. Most pit bulls don’t have weight issues (many won’t go over the 50 pound mark). Pit bulls aren’t as prone to disease as some other dog breeds. And their short coat means you don’t have to groom them as much.

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3. Pit bulls like to please. People assume pit bulls are a dangerous breed because they are associated with fighting and law enforcement. Pit bulls make great dog cops because they are loyal to humans, not because they are aggressive. Pit bulls like to please humans. The reason why so many of them work with cops is because they are so easy to train.

4. Pit bulls like snuggle time. While many dogs view hugging as an aggressive sign of dominance, pit bulls love to be held by humans. They are the most likely breed to curl up with you and willingly like to snuggle up with you. They are very affectionate and like when you show them affection as well.

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5. Pit bulls like action. Pit bulls are a very athletic breed. They make great workout companions and crave being walked often. You can even make your pit bull your running buddy. It’s the perfect breed for anyone who is looking to exercise more, although they don’t obsess about it.

These are just a few reasons why adding a pitbull is a great decision if you’re looking to adopt a dog. We have the best built and healthy pitbull puppies you will find anywhere on the internet. Click the link (pitbull puppies for sale) to buy the most active, healthy, happy member of your family for years to come!

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